Rick Foy - Dvid Films

Writer, Director and Editor


Rick was born in Brooklyn New York and now currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia were he works for Turner Broadcast in Network Operation as an editor and processing media management.
Before picking up a camera he used a pencil and pad to express himself on paper through art. It was not until after viewing his first Spike Lee film that he knew what he wanted to do. He would go out and buy Spike’s production books and read about the process of filmmaking then watch his movies. He started taking classes in television production in college which landed him his first job for a NBC affiliate in Illinois. After working several years there he relocated to Atlanta, GA to work at Comcast as a master control operator. During his time working at Comcast he moved up to producing commercial. After being laid off he then found employment with Crawford Communication working as a master control operator for National Geographic. That was a short stay after he learned Turner Broadcast was hiring. Rick is currently working for Turner Broadcast as media specialist and editor for TNT, TBS, Cartoon Network, TruTV & NBA TV.
Rick has created his own production company Dvid Films working with young independent artist producing music videos, documentaries and shorts. His work can be viewed on his youtube channel youtube.com/dvidfilms.

UGeorge feat. SoundSci "Blowing Up"

This video is part of a solo project with UGeorge who is one of the members in SoundSci. His forthcoming ep is entitled, The Many Faces of UGeorge. Again, it was freezing in Atlanta when we shot this but it was worth it. There will be more visuals coming from this crew soon so please follow us to stay updated. We are trying to preserve the arts in hip hop.

Audessey & A Cat Called Fritz "My Mic & Me"

It was freezing in Atlanta, GA when Ton3 and I went out to shoot this video. I used my small Panasonic GF3 camera because most people put so much stock into what camera they use and how big or how much they paid for it. I come from the old school that shows it is not what tools you have but it is the person who use the tools.

For more information go to:
  • http://www.soundsci.com/
  • https://twitter.com/Soundsci
  • http://worldexpo.bandcamp.com/
  • http://www.worldexporecords.com/

Janie Chu "Echoes"

Janie Chu is a good friend of mine, we attend the same church and met at a small group. After learning she was artist herself, we decided to get together and do a project. She is actively involved with helping women coming out of sex trafficking so after listening to this song I came up with the concept and shot / edited this video. It turned out much better then I expected. Thank God for people like Janie using her talent to bring awareness to issues like this.

For more info on Janie please visit her site.

Methuzulah "Crazy"

Muthuzulah is a very talented young man with the gift of verbal word play. The way he paint his pictures in his music is how I wanted to portray it in this video. I wanted it to be very vivid and raw. I used my Panasonic HMC-150 to shoot this video.
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